Terms and Conditions

Alcarritoo and its related companies provide services to users, according to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions").

When using any current or future Alcarritoo service, you will be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such Service or business.

Any User who wishes to access and/or use the Portal or the Services may do so subject to these Terms and Conditions, together with all other policies and principles that govern Alcarritoo and that are incorporated herein by reference or are available at www.alcarritoo .com. Ignorance of the content of the Terms and Conditions does not justify non-compliance with them, and much less, empowers Users to take particular or legal measures that are unaware of what is stated in these Terms and Conditions.

By registering and using the Portal, Users are expressing their express and unequivocal acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Regarding minors who want to use the Portal, Alcarritoo is allowed to inform that they must have authorization from their parents or legal representatives prior to registration. Alcarritoo reserves the right to refuse to provide the service, close accounts or remove or edit content at its sole discretion.


If Users have questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, they can contact our Customer Service team through the chat available on our Portal or by email at info@alcarritoo.com.

Please review our Privacy Policy, available at www.alcarritoo.com, which also governs the relationship with Alcarritoo, in order to understand our practices.

"Application" refers to the "Alcarritoo" application available for mobile technologies.

"Goods" are the goods, products or services that may be offered by the Bidders through the Portal and make up the User's Order. The Goods are supplied by the Bidders, being responsible for them before the Users.

"Offeror" refers to external agents and/or third parties unrelated to Alcarritoo, who have previously contracted with Alcarritoo for its intermediation services, providing all the information on the Goods that are displayed through the Portal (price, characteristics, and in general all its objective conditions). These, in their exclusive capacity as producer, supplier and/or retailer, are directly in charge of complying with all the objective characteristics of the product and/or service published on the Portal.

"Order" refers to the User's request through the Bidder's Goods Portal.

"We", "Our", and "Alcarritoo", whenever the words are referred to, direct reference is being made to the company Smartledge S.A, tax ID.

"Service" refers to the intermediation service requested by the User through the Portal.

"Website" refers to the website www.alcarritoo.com.

"User" and "Client" refer to all natural or legal persons who access our Portal and place Orders either through the Website or the Application.

“Portal” refers to our Website and/or Application through which, as intermediaries, we facilitate contact between Offerors, Users and distributors.

If any of these words defined in the plural are used, they will have the same meaning as indicated herein.

The Services and Products are only available to Users who have the legal capacity to contract. People who do not have that capacity, minors without the authorization of their parent or guardian or Alcarritoo Users who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled may not use the Services.

To register a company as a User, it must have sufficient capacity to contract in the name and on behalf of the entity as well as to bind it according to these Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

If you wish to purchase alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco, in full compliance with applicable regulations, the User must prove that they are over 18 years of age, showing identification at the time of delivery. Likewise, in the case of the sale of alcoholic beverages, there may be time restrictions depending on the regulations of the User's place of residence.

The content of the Portal, including, but not limited to the texts, graphics, images, logos, icons, software and any other material, -which hereinafter will be referred to as the "Material", is protected under applicable property laws. industrial and intellectual property. All Material is the property of Alcarritoo or its suppliers. It is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, extract, exploit, reproduce, communicate to the public, make second or subsequent publications, upload or download files, send by mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the Portal. Unauthorized use of the Material may constitute a violation of copyright, industrial property, or other laws. No User may sell or modify the Material in any way, or publicly perform or post the Material, or distribute it for commercial purposes. Nor will it be allowed to copy or adapt the HTML code that Alcarritoo creates to generate its web page or platform, since it is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use will be presumed improper and may be sanctioned by law.

Alcarritoo, the Alcarritoo logo, and other marks indicated on the Portal are trademarks of Alcarritoo. Other Alcarritoo graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names are trademarks or trade dress of Alcarritoo. Alcarritoo's trademarks and commercial image may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not Alcarritoo's, as the case may be, in any way that may cause confusion among Users or that dismisses or discredits Alcarritoo.

The main purpose of the Portal is the intermediation between Users and Offerors to place Orders in the cities of Argentina that have the service, facilitating relations and transactions between Users and Offerors adhered to the Portal. Likewise, through the Portal, Users may contract Services, placing Orders, according to the applicable terms and conditions, published on the Portal. Alcarritoo contacts the Offeror, redirects the order, is responsible for informing the User of its availability or not in accordance with the information provided by the Offeror. Through the Portal, all the necessary tools are centralized and granted to Users so that they can place an Order. Alcarritoo will always do its best so that once the order has been confirmed by the Merchant to which it has been requested, the Merchant delivers the order according to the contracted specifications.

To use the Portal, Users must create a user account (the "Account") where certain data will be requested such as: name, date of birth, address, telephone, email, identity document, tax identification, and data to process online payments (the “Data”). Users guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, validity, authenticity and updating of their Data. In no case Alcarritoo is responsible for the accuracy of User Data.

If Users have a Facebook account, they can create their Account using the credentials included therein.

Alcarritoo may require any additional information or documentation for the purposes of verifying or corroborating the Data, and may temporarily or permanently suspend those Users whose Data could not be confirmed.

To access your personal Account, the User must enter your email and a password which must always be kept confidential. If the User forgets his password, he can reset it by clicking on “I forgot my password”.

The Account is unique and non-transferable. It is prohibited for a User to register or have more than one Account. If non-compliance is detected as foreseen, Alcarritoo reserves the right to cancel, suspend or disable the accounts, without prejudice to other legal measures it may take.

Alcarritoo cannot guarantee the identity of the Users. The User is responsible for all the transactions carried out in his Account, and must notify Alcarritoo immediately, in a reliable manner, of any unauthorized use of it, as well as any theft, disclosure or loss of his access data to the Portal Alcarritoo watches over the protection of User data. However, it will not be responsible for the fraudulent use that third parties may make of the User's Account, including improper use of their data associated with online payments. Alcarritoo reserves the right to reject any registration request or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without this generating any right to compensation or compensation.

Users have the power to exercise the right of access, at any time and without restrictions, of their personal data. Alcarritoo has the power to deal with the complaints and claims that are filed in relation to the breach of the regulations on personal data protection.

Alcarritoo offers an online intermediation platform (the Portal) so that the Bidders can offer their Goods, and the Users can acquire them and request their home delivery. In this framework, Alcarritoo displays the information of the Bidder's Assets according to the information provided by the latter, not being responsible for its accuracy and/or veracity.

The User understands and accepts that Alcarritoo does not produce, provide, sell, sell or be an agent, distributor, or in general any type of marketer of the displayed Goods; therefore, the purchase relationship is structured between the User and the Offeror. Likewise, the User acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the correct consignment of the delivery and collection addresses of the Orders, exempting Alcarritoo and the distributors from liability for any error or negligence.

The User will be able to see the different options available without being registered. However, in order to complete the Order, the User must be registered with his Account and must enter the delivery address. Once the above has been done, the User will be able to see the different options of Bidders, Goods, location of the Bidders, etc.

When the User has defined where and what he wants to order, he must enter the Bidder's profile on the Portal and choose the Good(s) he wishes to acquire. Once selected, the characteristics, conditions and total value of the Order are made available to the User, according to the information provided by the Offeror. The User must validate the Order and select the payment method chosen through the payment methods available in Alcarritoo for each Offeror, as indicated in section 12 of these Terms and Conditions.

Once the payment method has been selected, the User must confirm the Order.

It is important to clarify that all Users undertake to pay the price of the Order from the moment they receive the Order confirmation communication as indicated below in these Terms and Conditions. After receiving said communication, the User may only refrain from making the payment if the Order is canceled correctly, as provided in these Terms and Conditions.

If the User does not receive the Order at the address indicated for it and/or if there is any setback in which the User's data is not verified and the order is rejected once it was confirmed by the Portal and in that sense no corrections are received Once the confirmation has been made, all responsibility will fall on the User and the User must indemnify the Portal by taking charge of all the costs generated by the error in the transaction, for example, the shipping cost that may apply.

All Orders made through the Portal are transmitted to the Offerors, who may contact the User, for example, if the products or services that make up the Order are not available.

When the Bidder accepts or rejects the Order, the User is notified with an email, a PUSH notification (pop-up) or other means of communication, where the reception of the Order is rejected or confirmed, which occurs automatically with the details.

In case the Order is rejected by the Offeror, Alcarritoo will notify the User without the obligation to notify the reasons for the rejection.

If the order is confirmed, the PUSH (emerging) or other means of communication will indicate the delivery time of the Order. Said delivery time is exclusively estimated, and the User acknowledges that it may undergo small adjustments while the Order is being prepared (said adjustments will be reflected in the status of the order that is displayed on the Portal). The User, when placing his Order, acknowledges and accepts that innumerable factors such as traffic, weather, peak hours and the ability to prepare the order and delivery of some Bidders, may be limiting to ensure the time of delivery.

During the time that elapses between the confirmation of the Order and the actual delivery of the same, the User may contact Alcarritoo at any time for the purpose of asking questions, submitting complaints, among others, cases in which they will always receive a response in the shortest time. possible. The User may cancel the Order once the delivery period indicated in the order confirmation has elapsed.

Alcarritoo will always act as an intermediary and will focus its efforts on resolving all complaints or problematic situations that arise due to delays, incomplete or wrong orders, etc. In all cases, without exception, complaints must be presented in decent and respectful language, taking into account the minimum requirements of courtesy and education. Otherwise, the Portal will not be obliged to provide any response, and on the contrary, according to its own criteria, it may proceed to block the User from its database, leaving said User unable to use the Services again.

All comments and ratings are reviewed by Alcarritoo staff and are duly recorded in the history of each User according to the comments guide available at www.alcarritoo.com.

The delivery of the Order may be made with the Bidder's couriers or others made available by Alcarritoo, as indicated on the Portal. The User understands and accepts that Alcarritoo will not be liable to the User for the non-delivery of the Order or in the event that it is altered or damaged – in the event that the Offeror is in charge of this service.

The price of the Goods will be presented on the Portal, according to the information provided by the Bidder, before the transaction is accepted by the User. Said price will include all possible surcharges for taxes, additions, etc., that are applicable to each transaction. It is clarified that some Bidders may have a minimum order amount and that shipping costs may also apply, which will be indicated in the Bidders' profiles.

The User understands and accepts that, in case of requesting modifications to the Goods included in the Order, the price may be modified.

It is the responsibility of the User to ensure at the time of delivery of the Order, that it corresponds to the Goods requested and that everything received is correct. Otherwise, the User can reject the Order by returning it to the delivery person.