Who said that shopping is only a physical concept?

With AlCarritoo you can give the concept of Shopping to a group of neighborhood businesses or set up a virtual showcase of craft products produced in any location.

More sustainable and local purchases, many consumers are rediscovering neighborhood commerce.

Benefits of our app

Neighborhood businesses in a community APP

Group the businesses in your neighborhood and provide them with the public they need to grow and benefit from your transversal services.

Exclusive or handmade items

You will be able to offer items that are brought in much less quantity, and therefore you will not see duplicates around the corner and offer a higher degree of exclusivity.

Rewards SMEs and entrepreneurs

Behind these local businesses there is usually a lot of hidden effort, small entrepreneurs.

We offer our proposals for payment gateway, logistics and management system, however, we can integrate with the services of your choice.

as long as you have support from the provider and prior evaluation of the integration effort.

We respond in the market of your interest, however, wherever it is.

Consult for custom developments.
Implement new trading strategies.

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    In AlCarritoo you can migrate your online store, integrate orders from all channels, expand the product offer.
    We combine commerce, marketplaces and order management on a single platform to unlock new revenue streams.