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How to build trust with your customers in 7 steps

Trust is a very important factor in building successful relationships with our clients. They need to feel safe when buying and without a doubt, increasing that confidence can lead your company to sell more. That is why it is so important to show that your brand or your business is the most appropriate option and…

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Why do leaders invest in creating B2B marketing strategies on Linkedin?

One of the hardest things to predict is how effectively you reach and engage with your target audience. The field of marketing is changing rapidly and we are driving that change by making brands more attractive. All business and digital marketing leaders must ask themselves where is the main consumption of online services and applications…

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How are patient journeys transforming the healthcare system?

Awareness Prediagnosis Diagnosis Treatment Retrieve While these five steps have become the norm in the medical field, there are more nuances that healthcare professionals are beginning to address. Patients interact with doctors, pharmacists, financial insurers, and other health care professionals. However, these contact points often function independently. Transforming the patient experience involves creating a broader…