B2B2C trade

It is a supply chain where the actors have an atypical participation:

Stock and delivery are generally at one end of the supply chain that has no contact with the final consumer. The intermediary has the indispensable complement in order to complete the provision to its final client.

In B2B2C you can offer your service through another already consolidated company that targets the same consumer segment and over time create a solid B2B.

Although you have to keep in mind that providing the service through a third party slows down your chances of scaling the business, but if you execute it well and with the right alliances, you could scale it well.

Benefits that are presented:


It allows you to start a business and enhance a supply chain that otherwise could not benefit from your individual capabilities.

Economies of Scale/Network

Each of the actors is able to make available what they know best / can do.

Connect all your stores

All orders from all channels in one place.

We offer our proposals for payment gateway, logistics and management system, however, we can integrate with the services of your choice.

as long as you have support from the provider and prior evaluation of the integration effort.

We respond in the market of your interest, however, wherever it is.

Consult for custom developments.
Implement new trading strategies.

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