B2B trade

You are located in the middle of a product supply chain. You buy from a supplier and your client are companies. B2B = Business-to-Business.

It is a business model for wholesalers in any product supply chain.

The B2B business model offers opportunities for companies that intend to identify


For entrepreneurs in a certain field, the B2B configuration allows them to be inserted into their supply chain, providing value and benefits for those who identify it.

Greater Capillarity - Reach

Sales by representatives throughout the country, operating with their own portfolios.

Greater efficiency

Avoid having immobilized stocks ($$$) by integrating the stocks and stock rotation of your suppliers.

Collective Synergy

Group purchases from your suppliers will allow benefits of scale to the entire supply chain.

We offer our proposals for payment gateway, logistics and management system, however, we can integrate with the services of your choice.

as long as you have support from the provider and prior evaluation of the integration effort.

We respond in the market of your interest, however, wherever it is.

Consult for custom developments.
Implement new trading strategies.

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